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Baptised by Holy Wind 7X
Sold soul to both the Devil & to the Christ (the highest bidder by blood won)
Re-Birthed in the flesh as Grace Lion-Hunter & the Number 37
Prophesied by Jeff Jansen to be the prototype for this generation
Possessed by the Angel of the Lord & the 7 Spirits of God

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There is no space & time in the spirit. Or even now, in the earth, for that matter. (made a pun there) It just APPEARS this way & it is all for the purpose of EXPERIENCING life, love & light in unlimited sensual depth.

We life in the garden of eden - the garden of pleasure, our brains however have corrupted the Kingdom Information for a time.

When you think of someone, immediately they are in front of you. And they are there because they are being projected to the outside from within you (if you slow down your thoughts you will see this to be true) - and they are very much a part of you. They are you. That's why if you have unforgiveness in your heart it is poison to YOU while there remains a shield of protection around the other who has forgiven all.

The movie of life we are interacting with is great but you'll have more fun, control & purpose if you go behind the scenes & mess with the reel of life's film itself. I mean, really, for perfection (perfection is attainable & you actually ARE perfection at source) you need to replace the script entirely. Give new meaning to every bad thing that ever happened to you. This becomes an effortless work once you know WHO you are. And there is only one prototype in history who has been revealed so far.

So pretty pretty important to decide - on purpose - who you pattern your life after.

As a wise man once said, "What would it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul (HIS IDENTITY) in the process?"

You need to know WHO you are - and if there is just one man, one humanity... Then there is One head to this body. Look at the head & you as a cell will be transformed into the same pattern. The bible calls it 'Growing up into the head'.

Fantasy? Maybe. But I'd rather live in a beautiful fantasy that projects faith, hope & love rather than repeating a death pattern I had previously learned.

What about all that baaad shiiit you see everyday? How do explain that if we are in a paradise eden?

Bad shit happens ABSOLUTELY, but just like a callus is part of the body & yet HELPS the body. You too can live in a place of intellectual understanding of pain & hurt - but live emotionally unattached from it. Instead you live out of the supply of love & faith of the heart. This will overflow to others - including those who have hardened themselves against reality.

This reality isn't something the intellect can grasp in & of itself, but it is something the intellect can feed from & understand, at least in part.

There comes a point in this 'fantasy' or fantastic reality (It is normal for me so I refer to it as reality), that you'll have faith enough to trust your angels to continue to write out the script AKA destiny scroll, for you - for they are one with you also.

It's kinda like a 'Choose your own Adventure' at this point, working in conjunction with the Kingdom of Heaven to saturate the earth with light from the Throne Room of God.

This will be backed up with signs, miracles & wonders that most will miss - but you will start to see more & more. If you think about the fact that you hold the entire multi-verse in your hands... It's not that hard.

It's not even you working to make shit happen. It's the Sky Master in you that you fall backwards into by trust that is doing crazy good stuff all the time. It just starts to be revealed to you, and then, you start to help out because it really is just a spirit ----> spirit ///\\\ parent -----> child relationship.

Back to our brain that projects the movie.

Our brain sorts through & projects the hologram extremely well but if you feed it the wrong coding then it is corrupt & you'll see death where another sees life. So the difference is literally life & death.

What coding does the world feed into the youth I wonder. What movie have they been watching all these years?

Well, truthfully, for thousands of years we've been brainwashed. In this new day however, the whole system is being replaced from the INSIDE out with a new system based on the right foundation: The Love of One Another, instead of the love of self AKA money (money has been imprinted by the ego).

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Putting out truth frequency in the form of the once cursed english language...

The River of Fire /// The Kingdom of Flesh Begins

The throne room is a demon free zone. But even the dark throne is sat upon by The Lord who feasts in the midst of his enemies - according to scripture and experience.

Darkness is as light to his eye and the fallen shudder in fear as sons of man respawn now from the womb of the earth and the matrix simultaneously - according to scripture and experience.

In the pit, tattooed by the Word of God, your inner-self is unharmed while melted with the 4th man - the golden man refined in fire, until you are aware of your oneness with the elements - total formlessness and zero identity in your previous human nature and birth name. This is a stripping of everything and IS the experience of sharing in the death of Christ where you are abandoned by The Father due to your priestly role where you recieve judgement for the sins of the entire Adamic race. But the life of Christ in you is preserved and magnified. From this state you are able as a son of God (we all are children of God born into our bodies here) to be born into a son of Man - the full divine light god-genetic expression in the flesh.

This is what Jesus meant when he referred to being 'born again'. It is the 3rd measure of yeast (one of Christ's parables) that is most neglected in Christianity but the one in which scripture says groans for its manifestation. The 3rd measure is the kingdom hidden within your flesh. It is in the marrow of the body and as you grow the Tree of Life in your heart by eating the Word of God - the heart pumps new coding into your DNA within the marrow's blood. Ive had first hand experience with blood operations & a transplant in my body (my hip) and this is the revelation I recieved.

It will take time for the cells of the body to catch up... but when it happens you will take on the image of the heavely in the twinkling of an eye.

Back to the fire now:

The river of fire runs its cycle from the throne, right through hell and back to the throne again.

This demonstrates total dominion in the spirit, soon to be manifested on earth (maybe within the next 10 years... maybe 300) by overcomers and pioneers of the new kingdom age.

It's important to know your dominion runs this deep as you have been given the keys to govern over the shadowlands.

The take away:

Eat right for your blood type. Eat the Red Letters and offer yourself as a living sacrifice to God. Get tight with the Holy Spirit. HIDE NOTHING from the All Seeing Eye. You can change your DNA while still on the earth. And the more Godly you are, the more fun you will have in complete holiness.

Enjoy the process of transformation!

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